About Leric



We are a new company, having just launched in 2017. Our name comes from "Eric" the owner (me), and "Lauren", my fiancé. Our business is head quartered in our home in Alexandria, VA. Our goal is to help with the homeless problem in the DC metro area, and expand to helping as many homeless people as we can, nation wide.



The initial idea came in the fall of 2016, when trying to think of ways we can truly help the homeless and less fortunate in or area. With winter around the corner, the thought was that a good start was trying to keep them warm. Blankets can be an instant help to those sleeping outside, in heatless shelters, and even in multiple-family homes and apartments without heat.



Our price covers the cost to produce the throw, the cost of the blanket we donate, shipping, and other expenses. While you can get a comfy couch throw anywhere, when you purchase one from us, your money goes to keeping a homeless individual warm!



As we grow, we plan on expanding our product line to multiple throw choices, premium blankets and home bedding products, all coming with a one-for-one donation to those in need. We plan to expand out of the DC metro area and reach people in need all over the country.



Leric does not own any of the products found through Leric Plus. We have affiliate partnerships with these product owners. We earn a commission when these products are sold, via the links provided on our site. The commission is used to help fund the blankets we donate to the homeless.

Leric is not responsible for affiliate partner products. Products, returns, defects, and all other issues or questions about our affiliate partner products, companies, etc., must be coordinated with that company. Leric only offers promotion and links to affiliate partner products.


If you have any questions or want to find out more about us, please use our Contact Us page and send us a message! We can also be reached at

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